Asset Diversification

The defi space consists of numerous opportunities that the ASX team believes hold growth opportunities in the short and long term. These asset classes include real world assets, yield bearing defi, and venture capital investments.

Real World Assets: The tokenization of real world assets is currently in its infancy and will likely grow in the coming years. The ASX team’s multi-decade background in commercial and multifamily real estate makes it a prime participant to compete in this growing space.

Yield Bearing Defi: Earning yield in defi comes with risks, but offers outsized returns on investments for those that know how to navigate the space in a safe manner. Through the ASX mechanics, holders can benefit from on chain yield through holding a single token.

Venture Capital: Some of the biggest gains in crypto come from those with access to early stage venture capital investments. While many know this, access is limited, and often gated. The team at ASX knows this, and seeks to provide Venture Capital exposure to all ASX token holders.

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