Using BNB Chain

How to use and access BNB Chain

If you already use a wallet that supports EVM blockchains (for example, Metamask), please add the RPC URL below. If using Metamask, simply open the extension, click on the top-left dropdown menu and then click 'Add network'.

Network name BSC Auto-Protect: bloXroute x BSC News


Chain ID 56

Currency Symbol BNB

Block Explorer

Since BNB Chain uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, transactions are temporarialy stored in the publicly visible mempool. The above RPC URL made in collaboration by BSC News and bloXroute will protect you from a number of issues encountered on EVM chains such as frontrunning and MEV bots.

If you would prefer to use a different RPC URL, you can view an in-detailed guide from binance, here.

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