🍊Why BNB

Why ASX have chosen to initially deploy on BNB Chain

Multiple chains are coming, however below are the reasons why AssetX is deploying in the first instance, on BNB Chain.

Expertise Within the BNB Ecosystem 3/4 of the team come from backgrounds dealing extensively with multiple existing projects on BNB Chain as well as the BNB Chain team themselves from a marketing and technical perspective. LinkedIn and Social profiles of all team members can be found here.

Cheap Fees The cost per transaction in USD is significantly cheaper than that of Ethereum, allowing users to make multiple transactions at a fraction of the cost of other networks.

Fast Transaction Times Ethereum has a block time of 12-15 seconds whereas BNB has a block time of ~3 seconds.

Userbase and Transactions BNB Chain has the highest number of unique users and number of daily transactions in comparison to Ethereum and Polygon which allows us an initial wide audience reach.

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